Ben Wiley


Sauve Ma Recette Title Theme

I composed and recorded the title theme for Sauve Ma Recette, a web series from Télé-Québec featuring three chefs showing us how to rescue doomed recipes.

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Casal Domingo Lockdown Song

I composed and recorded music, and adapted original lyrics, for a video ad that received 150,000 views on Facebook. Lyrics in French, performed by Marilyne - Tout en Humour. Scenario: stay-at-home mom records song at home about her struggles during lockdown, finds solace in Casal Domingo non-alcholic wine coolers. You can view the ad here.

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Created for the game Sk8Border, this is the result of trying to make an 80's-style punk song about knocking down a wall, with the sonic limitations of an 80's-style video game console.

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Home is Where the Heart Is

From the game Home is Where the Heart Is, this track blends inspiration from Animal Crossing and Law and Order to evoke a slow but determined search for home ownership.

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Trash Island Bossa

The faster-paced second track written for Cluster Junk: The Secret of Trash Island, meant for later levels when the player has picked up speed.

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Marty McPaper: Epic Delivery Service

During a day of demoing my game to a bunch of kids at the Louisville Arcade Expo, I heard so much of the title track from Marty McPaper that I never want to hear it again. But I'm still proud of the bicycle bell used as percussion.

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In the Hall of the Mountain King

A rendition of Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" that pays a nod to the Inspector Gadget theme, which was inspired by the same work. This arrangement was written for (but never performed by) my short-lived band from high school.

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The Secret of Trash Island

A theme for the first level of Cluster Junk: The Secret of Trash Island, when the player discovers they are a box of trash lying in the Pacific Ocean. Someone told me to make it sound like Yoshi's Island but I had to throw Inspector Gadget in there...

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Composing the soundtrack for the game Sk8Border at the Montréal Anti-Fascist Game Jam (Apr 2018)