Ben Wiley


As well as the papers/articles below, I have a blog which I update occasionally.

Computer Science

Implementing an Ant Swarm Intelligence-Based Approach to Balancing Communication Network Loads

6 May 2015

Investigating a decentralized network traffic routing algorithm based on real-world behavior of ant colonies (with Tommy Rhodes).


Narrative Identity as Means for Understanding and Criticizing The Two-Income Trap

11 May 2015

Critical analysis of Senator Elizabeth Warren and daughter Amelia Tyagi's acclaimed 2003 book. Analysis focuses on the underdiscussed role of race in middle-class families' flight to public schools in suburban neighborhoods.

Is Social Movement Organizing Easier in the Age of Social Media?

15 Apr 2015

Discussion of new assets and difficulties movements face in the age of social media, using examples of the Zapatistas, Anonymous, the Arab Spring, Occupy, and Kony 2012.


Indigenous Groups in Papua New Guinea Ready for War with ExxonMobil

14 May 2014

Second-hand compilation of investigative reports into the oil giant's controversial Liquefied Natural Gas project.